Por fin un uso para mi llave GPG

New Facebook Feature Shows Actual Respect for Your Privacy | WIRED

Facebook just took another surprising step towards securing your communications online with the introduction of PGP encryption.
25.9% english, 18.6% french, 16.9% latin
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@Manuel Bahamondez Honores Oh... you are right. Didnt think about it that way. :)
31.7% english, 22.7% pidgin, 14.9% hungarian
Taek 6 hours ago Friendica
Data that is contained by facebook is plain text. no real protection, since you can turn mobile authentication or mobile login notification. PGP useless for this kind of thing.
31.2% english, 19.8% pidgin, 19.7% french
14.6% portuguese, 14.5% spanish, 13.8% italian

Vendo: Lente Nikon 35mm f1.8

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Algunas fotos que he tomado con este lente:

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25.4% spanish, 22.2% portuguese, 17.8% italian
16.4% spanish, 14.7% portuguese, 13.7% italian
25.4% pidgin, 20.8% english, 17.3% hawaiian
34% english, 28.3% tagalog, 26.9% dutch
34.9% pidgin, 30.6% english, 21.3% spanish